Friday, October 21, 2005

Festival of lights and more

Hello Everyone
Gail has been planning a Festival of Lights in the Gypsy camp and we agree that while it may not be Vi's birthday on Nov 1 we will simply celebrate her good health, along with others who have not been well and are still here to

This time last year, as many of you will recall, we had the ravens up on Soul
Food looking out for Vi. I sent a host of them out from the rookery and the
good news is that you are well Vi. So we will save the birthday celebrations
until the 22 when you have your birthday Vi.

Now the festivities are going to be quite substantial. Here is a sneak preview
of just some of what is planned.

1. A special trip to the Isle of Ancestors for November 2nd. Folk will be taken on a night ride, leaving from the camp, to meet the Ferrywomen who do this trip.

2. Halloween Party in the camp. There has been a lot of planning and the aim is to have everyone come in costume and do a presentation. It can be something borrowed so don't get stage fright but remember, Soul Food's main purpose is to provide a stage for you all.

3. Show off projects like the Altered Book for Frida Kahlo that Gail has been doing. See Baba's Soul Day to view this project.

4. A Footprint Challenge - to create a footprint for a friend or ancestor who
has greatly influenced you and your creative work.
See to see some samples of things people have done on shoe insoles.

5. Muse giving! Thanksgiving is such a lovely festival. We don't have it in
Australia but I have often had a Muse Giving at this time of the year and
encouraged people to offer things that people might be interested in doing. For example someone might ask the Amazon Queen to take them to the Reflective Lake and leave an offering for the muse.

and so much more. It is all beginning. And then there is the Advent Calendar in December. My goodness! And I am supposedly retired.

love to all


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