Thursday, October 20, 2005

News of forthcoming events and an update

The Gypsies are having a celebration on September 27, in honour of Carol's 30th wedding anniversary. As this is the Pearl Anniversary, the theme will be pearls - offer your pearls of wisdom, wear strings of pearly shells, dress up as pearly Kings and Queens. We'll have the
barn doors down, Blind Murty is tuning up his fiddle, and the Gypsy Chief will be flashing his pearly whites.

Be there or be square!

Dear Gail
I really feel that what we need before the 27th - which is many days away - is for people on the road to all gather in the Gypsy Camp for a rollicking get-together. If everyone presents something, be it simply a tarot reading or a song, we can all have a jolly good time. More importantly I can snare some folk and send them along the road to where they need to be and to where they have not been. Otherwise I fear I am going to have to send out a search party for those who have been kidnapped by hooded riders.

So! Raid Pandora's costume box and get thee to the Gypsy Camp. The Gypsy Chief is waiting for your performance.

The party is really shaping up over at the Chamber of Horrors!

Visitors will be able to enter various rooms and hear stories about the Many Uses for Graveyards (these will surprise you) you'll learn about the history of Halloween and meet a Serial Killer who has taken on the most unlikely of disguises.

And are you brave enough to take a challenge brought to the Party by the Baba Yaga Herself? Try if you dare....

Theses are only the most recent offerings our many hosts have planned...stay tuned and we hope to see All at know NOT parts of you, ALL of you.

Anita Marie

Hello Hardy Travellers As the first group and the first to take upresidence at Baba Yaga's house I am about to invite you to a few blogs that will be associated with her house. There is the Golden Spindle out the back, which I have already included you in but now there are three new blogs to keep sure you don't rest - to keep you working your fingers to the bone. There is: Baba's Soul Day Celebrations for all the things you would find in South American market places during October and November. Baba's Boudoir which will be a bit of fun. Just imagine what kind of potions and spells, clothes and furniture, things stacked in her art draws. I am going to love the Boudoir. Baba's Handmaidens. Karen has done a profile for me and I am setting up a little corner at Soul Food and this will be where she can showcase stock, such as her maps, on her shelves. We have Anita Marie's curiosity shop as well and I plan to set up something for each of you - a gypsy page for Gail, Pandora's Box for Carol and so on. By the time we reach the Amazon Queens Camp the caravan we arrive in will be full of so many things to show the tribe. And you thought I had been quieter later. Quiet is dangerous! Usually it means I have been thinking.
love Sibyl

First, we are all heading down to Duwamish for a big gathering so that everyone is in one place. From there we will go to the Abbey and then on to Baba's or back to Baba's depending on where you are right now.
Word is travelling around the realm that there is to be a gathering of all travellers at the Duwamish Inn. Riders are coming to bring you from wherever you are located to stay for a few days in Duwamish - before heading to the Lemurian Abbey for a grand festival.

Some of you have been here before and I know you will be keen to revisit Duwamish and catch up with old friends like the Inn Keeper and the Ferry Women. You need to bring a special outfit, a wig, a mask, an act to perform before the Abbess, The Gorgons and the Amazon Queen who are said to be staying at the Abbey at the moment. I suggest you rummage in Pandora's Wardrobe to find the perfect apparel.

The Abbess is organising a banquet to celebrate your visit and she has asked me if you could perhaps do a poetry reading, a story telling session, a tarot reading, tell a fairy story or an old wives tale (wash her mouth out now)... oh I don't know. Some presentation of some sort that uses your distinct voice. It is a stage you see and I agreed because I figured you are all here because you are looking for a stage door, eager to walk out into the spotlight and be heard - as often as possible. You could just tell the people in the Abbey about a memorable experience on the road - or share a piece that you have written while here.


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